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At Lenders Commercial Mortgage, we take a unique approach to underwriting that benefits you, the customer.  With our residential style of underwriting, we are able to focus on your ability to repay the loan, not necessarily on the cash flow of your commercial property.

You will enjoy many additional benefits at Lenders Commercial Mortgage that are not available with other commercial lenders such as lower fees, streamlined loan process, and fewer requirements...


  Other Lenders
Maximum Loan Term 10-year balloon 30 years
Maximum LTV



Approval Time Credit committees review loan which can take weeks or months

48 hours

Cash-Out Refinancing Capped: Restrictions on use Yes;  No business-related usage restrictions
Appraisal Process Full Appraisal required Full Appraisal required
Phase 1 Environmental Review / Survey Expensive Phase 1 Environmental Study required Low cost Environmental Insurance Policy
Balloon Payment Yes No
Investment Property Loans Not always Yes
Assumable Loans Non-assumable or fee required Assumable at no cost
Documentation Requirements Full commercial underwriting process, including extensive documentation requirements Programs include
a) No income or asset verification
b) Limited verification similar to documentation for
residential mortgages
Financial Covenants/Ongoing Reporting Requirements Ongoing reporting required None
Application Fee As much as $1500.00, even if your loan does not close No
Processing Fee Yes, as much as $995.00 No
Residency Yes, you must reside in the same state as the property No; No residency restrictions within the US


Maximum Loan Term
With loan terms ranging from 15 to 30 years, Lenders Commercial Mortgage allows you to better manage your business cash-flow. Longer loan terms allow you to lower your monthly payment and control the speed at which you build equity.

Maximum Loan-to-Value (LTV)
While most lenders will only fund up to 75% or 80% of the value of your property, Lenders Commercial Mortgage allows qualified applicants to borrow up to 97% on certain property types.

What does this mean to you? Whether you are buying a commercial property or looking to tap into the equity of a property you already own, our program allows you to maximize your cash-on-hand.

Approval Time
Banks have cumbersome approval committees that require mountains of documentation and weeks or months to review and decide your loan request. Simply provide your Commercial Loan Specialist with all your loan requirements, and we'll notify you within 48 hours if you are approved.

Cash-Out Refinancing
Our flexible cash-out refinancing allows you to use the cash for anything, with NO usage restrictions. You can use it to purchase new equipment, perform property improvements, invest in additional real estate, or to enhance your business where you need it most.

Appraisal Process
Property Appraisals are often one of the most expensive components of the commercial mortgage process. As an experienced nationwide lender, we have an extensive network of qualified property appraisers. Through a national bid processing system, we obtain quotes from many appraisers in the area of your property and help choose the best fit for your loan request, based on quality, price and turnaround time. Lenders Commercial Mortgage does not charge additional fees for the appraiser and we turn the discount over to you, the customer.

Phase 1 Environmental Review / Survey
Most commercial lenders will require you to obtain a Phase 1 Environmental Review of your property, which can cost time and thousands of dollars.

Our solution is a low cost lender's Environmental Insurance Policy that is much more efficient and protects against environmental risks.

Additionally, many commercial lenders will require you to purchase a property survey which can cost thousands of dollars and delay your loan closing. In almost all cases, we do not require you to purchase a new survey to close the loan.

Balloon Payment
Most lenders have "balloon" features in their loans, which require a customer to pay off their mortgage in just a few years. A balloon will force you to spend thousands of dollars in closing costs and go through the entire loan process again.

Lenders Commercial Mortgage loans do not have a balloon requirement. This allows you to stay in your loan throughout the term of the mortgage if you choose.

Investment Property Loans
Lenders Commercial Mortgage specializes in loans to real estate investors and small business owners. Many other lenders will not loan to individuals whose business does not operate in the subject property.

Deposit Requirement
At Lenders Commercial Mortgage, we understand that deposit requirements can tie up funds and be a hindrance if you need future access to that cash. Banks may require you to hold a minimum level of deposits with the bank in order to qualify for the loan. Since we're not a bank, you need not worry.

Our flexible commercial lending programs leave your available cash where you need it: available.

Assumable Loans
Thinking of selling your property down the road?  Lenders Commercial Mortgage's assumable loan benefit allows you to transfer your mortgage loan to a qualified buyer at no cost to you. This will help enhance the marketability of your property to potential buyers, accelerate your closing time frame, and even save your buyer money, translating into higher sales proceeds for you.

Documentation Requirements
Lenders Commercial Mortgage does everything possible to reduce the amount of documentation required to underwrite your loan. We only require a minimal amount of documentation for our underwriting, typically very similar to what is required for the residential lending process.

Our CD Complete loan option only asks for the minimum documentation required to fund the loan. We even offer our CD Express loan option that eliminates income and asset verification requirements altogether.

Financial Covenants/Ongoing Reporting Requirements
At Lenders Commercial Mortgage, we do not require either ongoing financial reporting or covenants.

At most lending institutions, you are required to provide ongoing financial and operating statements on your business or property long after your loan has closed. These other lenders may also require you to make “covenants,” which are legal obligations concerning the future financial strength of your business. That means that losing a tenant or experiencing a difficult business period gives those lenders the right to find you in default of your loan, even if you are current on your payments!

At Lenders Commercial Mortgage, once your loan has closed, simply make your monthly payments and we’ll never ask you for more financial information.

Application Fee
Lenders Commercial Mortgage does not charge any fees until your loan closes.

Other lenders charge as much as $1500 for this "junk fee" just to look at your application. In some cases the application fee is non-refundable. The only fee charged by Lenders Commercial Mortgage is a $500 lender fee that is payable at closing of your loan, not up front.

Processing Fee
Similar to the application fee, the processing fee is another "junk fee" charged by other lenders, even if your deal does not close.

At Lenders Commercial Mortgage, we do not charge fees throughout the lending process - no application fee, no processing fee, no fees at all until your loan closes. The only fee we charge at Lenders Commercial Mortgage is the $500 lender fee payable at closing of your loan and not up front. 

Residency Restrictions
Other lenders require that you live in the state in which your property is located. Lenders Commercial Mortgage's lending solutions do not have residency restrictions, you can live in any state in the nation and we will fund your loan in any other state.