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Initial Inquiry Borrower fills out our 3 minute online EZ Pre-qualification form:


Our team evaluates your information and gives it to one of our nationwide loan specialists according to location and property type and contacts you based on your preference.  A customized loan solution is then presented to you.


Qualification and
Loan is submitted for pre-approval:
  • 1003 application and loan
    submission form
  • Tri-merged credit report
  • Purchase and sales contract
    if applicable.

Issues to borrower a Conditional Pre-Approval Letter within 48 hrs of complete package submission stipulating:
  • Loan amount
  • Rate
  • Documents required for Underwriting
  • Documents required for closing
  • Signs pre-approval letter and
    appraisal processing fee and
    returns to Lenders Commercial Mortgage
  • Provides all additional information
    and documentation
  • Orders appraisal
  • Orders title
  • Conducts fraud guard
  • Obtains environmental insurance
  • Conducts real estate and income
    analysis (when applicable).
Closing & Funding  
  • Coordinates w/ Title company &
  • Prepares all loan docs and sends to
    closing agents (same day funding
    available for purchases).
  • Sends completed docs to custodian
    for review.
  • Issues funding next day.